Why do you still feel dizzy after you’ve stopped spinning?

This week in the fun science for kids post, we’re exploring how our amazing ears help us balance!

Science question for kids: When you spin around, why do you still feel dizzy after you’ve stopped spinning?

What kids can do: Spin around in a circle 4 or 5 times. Then stop. Are you still dizzy?

Answer: When you were spinning around in circles you probably felt dizzy. But why were you still dizzy after you stopped spinning? It’s because of your ear!

The inner ear is amazing because it helps you balance. The inner ear is the part of the ear inside your head that you can’t see. The inner ear contains liquid inside tiny structures called semicircular canals.

When you’re spinning and then stop suddenly, the liquid in the inner ear keeps moving even though you have stopped. This tricks your brain into thinking that you are still moving, even though you are not. As a result, your brain gets confused and you feel dizzy! Once the liquid in your ear stops sloshing around, you stop feeling dizzy.

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  • Hannah Quijada

    My kids totally just made me dizzy watching them spin! LOL Great quick lesson. Thank you!

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