The Great Sunblock Experiment

Who has a kid that hates putting on sunblock? A kid that wriggles, squirms and tries to avoid sunblock at all costs? If you do, here’s a fun and easy experiment to drive home the importance of wearing sunblock.

Question for kids: Does sunblock really work? And which one works best?

Materials: Clear plastic or glass cover from a photo frame, 1 sheet of bright construction paper, washable marker, 3 different sunblocks, tape, cookie sheet

What kids can do:

  1. Put the construction paper sheet on top of the cookie sheet.
  2. Take the clear plastic or glass cover and draw a plus sign on it with the marker.
  3. Smear a different sunblock on each quadrant of the clear cover. Make a note of which sunblock is in which quadrant.
  4. Leave one quadrant empty. This is the control to show what happens when there is no sunblock.
  5. Place the clear cover on top of the construction paper. (Tape down if necessary.)
  6. Take the sunblock experiment outside and leave it in direct sunlight for 3 hours.
  7. Lift off the clear cover. Which sunblock prevented the sun from fading the paper? Which sunblock worked best?

Ta da! Sunblock works to prevent damage to paper. More importantly, it works to prevent damage to skin!

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