How Not to Scare Kids with Science

Science subscription boxes for kids

Recently, we came across an Instagram post about how many kids think science is scary. And we thought whaaatt? We love science—how could it be scary? According to this article, it’s because people don’t understand what science is. Well, there could be many reasons, but what we know is that we 100% do not want kids to think science is scary!

One of the best ways to make science less daunting is to show kids that science is everywhere—in the color of their favorite lollipop, in the seesaw they play on, or in the changing of the seasons. But if you don't have the time or background to come up with a myriad of science explanations and activities, what do you do? Answer: science subscription boxes for kids!

We’ve come across a lot of parents who want their kids to enjoy science, but they might not know how to integrate science into their kids’ time at home or it may have been 15+ years since they studied science. In these situations, science subscription boxes for kids can be hugely helpful.

Science subscription boxes or science kits for kids typically include different science-related activities, materials for the activities and guides. A good guide should spell out all the steps for the activity and explain the science behind that activity. (Some subscription boxes do this better than others. More on that in a future post.)  Early or beginning readers may need some grownup help following the guide. 

There are a bunch of different science subscription boxes for kids of different ages, all with pros and cons (also more on this in the future). What we suggest is finding a subscription box or science activity kit that is fun, engaging, relatable to a child and offers kid-friendly explanations of the science behind each activity.

Disclaimer: That’s our approach here at Plum Spark:) We take things kids can relate to or are excited about—chocolate, rockets, hurricanes, mummies—and connect those things to science in fun ways.

Keep an eye out for a future post on the different science subscription boxes for kids!

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