Hurricanes? In a Kids Subscription Box?

Hurricanes subscription box for kids. Sign of hurricane evacuation route.

There are lots of subscription boxes for kids out there and science activity kits. But we have yet to see a subscription box on hurricanes. So why did we at Plum Spark choose to create a Hurricanes learning adventure? Because we’re a Houston-based company. Because hurricanes are a part of our lives. Some years we’re lucky and we get away without any. Some years we experience the devastation of a Harvey. For kids, hurricanes can be both fascinating and terrifying. So this learning adventure demystifies hurricanes through hands-on activities and active learning. Regardless of where kids live, learning about weather science and natural disasters is always useful.

In this learning adventure, kids forecast a hurricane, name it and categorize it. And then they get to role play a meteorologist—a very important person in these parts! Kids can play an interactive and collaborative board game that’s all about preparing for natural disasters. It shows them that being prepared is a community-wide effort. And then there’s the storm surge demo, which is a super fun way to understand the differences in hurricane strengths and why storm surge is so powerful.

While hurricanes are a serious matter, we hope that kids will have fun with this and get a little messy. After all, what good is a hurricanes subscription box if kids can’t get a wee bit wet!

   A Creative Learning Subscription Box for Kids

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