Why I Started Plum Spark-A Creative Learning Subscription Box for Kids

In 2016, my son became really sick and could no longer be in daycare. My husband and I decided that I would stay home with him, and that very decision became the seed for Plum Spark's creative learning subscription boxes for kids. As fortunate as I felt for having the option to stay at home, I quickly realized just how long 12 hours with your child could be. Really—it’s only 1 pm!?! We made the rounds of library storytimes, park play dates and kids museums. We read a ton of storybooks and played, but something was still missing for him and for me.

So when my son became interested in where chocolate came from, I was ecstatic. Finally, we could explore something together and go on a little learning adventure!

My son and I began learning all about cacao trees and how chocolate was made. We made a cacao tree craft and talked about the rainforest. And the best part—we did a chocolate tasting! From there, we went on to explore rockets, planes, yoga and anything else that grabbed my son’s attention. One day, my son asked me if we could have a conversation about how to build the International Space Station. Uhhh??? (Google to the rescue!) I love learning and I love science, so I was game to dive into anything.

Plum Spark started out as a way for me and my son to spend some awesome quality time together while learning interesting things. It has since evolved into a way for me to expose my son to everything that is fascinating about this world—or at least as much as possible before he flies the nest one day. It is a way for me to fuel his boundless curiosity, his wonder and his spark.

This approach to raising my son colors every craft, activity and science project in a Plum Spark subscription box. That’s why kids will discover things like: why do toucans have 2 toes that point forward and 2 that point backward? Why does the choice of materials for a spacesuit matter? How does storm surge from a hurricane work? What does cinnamon bark feel like and how does a real cacao bean smell?

I hope you'll enjoy Plum Spark as much as my family has!



A Creative Learning Subscription Box for Kids


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