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How to Encourage Creative Exploration in Kids

Loose parts play is a fabulous method to bring out your child's inner tinkerer, designer, builder or artist. The method focuses on open-ended learning. There is no single objective or end-goal. Rather, the goal is to encourage a child's ability to create, explore and think without instruction from a grownup. So how does it work?

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Making Math Tangible for Kids

Math can be so abstract for kids. It's really helpful to use everyday objects to make it real. We add and subtract with blueberries. We reverse addition equations using biscotti. And we make equal piles of Hot Wheels. It's a positive and engaging way to introduce math operations and equations to younger kids. 

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How Not to Scare Kids with Science

One of the best ways to make science less daunting is to show kids that science is everywhere—in the color of their favorite lollipop, in the seesaw they play on, or in the changing of the seasons. But if you don't have the time or background to come up with a myriad of science explanations and activities, what do you do? 

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The Yummiest Combo Afterschool Snack + STEM Activity

Here's a healthy and delicious afterschool snack recipe that you can bake with your kids. It’s great fuel to keep kids going through afterschool activities and homework. Plus baking is a wonderful way to incorporate STEM into your child’s everyday. And this granola recipe is sure to delight!

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1st science kit

I just talked with my 5 year old granddaughter and she loved the first part of the kit on Indian spices. Her parents also liked the kit and look forward to doing more if it.

Making the kids think and be inspired

Got this as a gift for my nephew and niece. Their mother is a teacher and didn't want the typical video game or off-the-shelf present. So I got this hoping they would like it. Even better. They loved it and so did mom. So kid-approved and mom-approved.

Really nice to see when kids are interacting and actually learning. Reminds me of the time when I'd watch Nova and PBS and be so curious about the world. Thank you.

This just made our day! We're so happy your niece and nephew are enjoying their learning adventures!
3 Months ($24.50/mo)

Enjoying the adventures!

Great variety of activities!

My kids really enjoyed learning where chocolate comes from, how it is made, tasting it, and doing a craft all centered around chocolate. It was very well thought out box with everything they needed ready to go. We hope to explore other boxes from Plum Spark!

So glad your family enjoyed it! We hope you'll check more Plum Spark learning adventures too!
We maximized family time with Plum Spark!

Our family loved receiving our first Plum Spark learning adventure! The kids (ages 4-8) were super excited to gather around the box that came in the mail for them and open together. My oldest took the lead to pull out and examine each activity one at a time. The topic explored in this month’s box is Yoga, and the activities included were super fun for them! The boys gravitated towards a spice matching activity game, and I, as a mom, was pleasantly surprised with the sophisticated and high quality guide book and spice cards that had facts and information not only relevant and interesting to the small people in my life, but also me as an adult! Who knew cumin oil was used in some perfumes??!! We also loved the yoga cards and poses to try as a family and had a fun experience practicing together. My daughter adored the hands-on inner ear activity, and I appreciated having all of the important parts of the craft perfectly curated for me so less hassle and more family time. Excellent educational product! Couldn’t be happier with our family’s purchase and will definitely be a subscriber!