About Us

mom and child doing yoga
In 2016, I unexpectedly found myself a full-time stay-at-home mom, with a lot of experience (tech, State Department), a head full of education (Stanford, Harvard), and 12 hours of time to fill every day with my son. So one day when my son asked me about a cacao tree on the package of dark chocolate he was munching, I was thrilled! I asked him if he wanted to find out how chocolate was made. He did! And so did I!

And there began our dive into the world of chocolate, how it’s made, why it tastes the way it does and where it comes from. I began creating educational projects around things that fascinated my son—rockets, planes, hurricanes, yoga. We both had so much fun interacting this way. 

Plum Spark started out as a way for me and my son to spend some awesome quality time together while learning interesting things. It has since evolved into a way for me to expose my son to everything that is fascinating about this world—or at least as much as possible before he flies the nest one day. It is a way for me to fuel his boundless curiosity, his wonder and his spark.

This approach to learning and spending time together has worked incredibly well for our family. So I created Plum Spark to help other families explore and learn together. I hope your family enjoys Plum Spark, too!

-Sandy Polu