Press & Media Mentions

Hello Subscription: "Plum Spark is such a great science-themed activity box! ...The activities are awesome, as my kids learned more about how rockets work along with other tidbits about space. They even got crafty and designed a spacesuit! Everything was put together in a kid-friendly way, so it’s really fun, easy to understand, and enjoyable."
the local MOMS network: "Plum Spark is a Houston-based subscription box delivering fun learning adventures for kids and parents to enjoy together. Each adventure contains a mix of projects, crafts and experiments designed to engage younger (ages 4-9) and older learners alike."
from Engineer to SAHM: "My boys loved building their own rocket, and learning together. The adventure guide included clear and easy to follow instruction...Plum Spark was a great way for us to spend a summer afternoon, learning and making together!"
Playdates & Prosecco: "Plum Spark is filling a gap in the subscription world by providing brain-boosting bonding experiences rooted in science and created by a mama with a Harvard PH.D! Targeted at kiddos ages 4-9, it’s perfect for getting them interested in investigation at a young age."
Calgary's Child: "Polu [founder of Plum Spark] believes that doing science experiments at home is a great way to demonstrate that science is all around us. A good experiment shows kids that science is fundamentally about understanding the world we live in—whether it’s figuring out fun concepts like why milk chocolate melts in our hands or testing which sunblock works the best."